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The purpose of Aldeamo is to connect people and companies through technology to make their lives easier. We are passionate about generating positive impact with technology in Latin America and the world.

We like to work with inclusive technology, which works from any mobile device.

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  • Offer technological services based on the generation of value on our channels.
  • We have direct connections, strategic alliances with operators and messaging platforms between them: Google and WhatsApp in Latin America.
  • We support the implementation and strategy of communications campaigns to boost your business, oriented to reduce costs, increase revenue and provide a better service.
  • The BackOffice area is supported, which is responsible for providing non-technical or maintenance service to the customer.
  • Aldeamo has a large and adequate staff that works 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so that the process is effective and all your requests are met at any time.

Services briefcase

Aldeamo - SMS Corporate Solutions


It is a technological communication to transfer data for mobile phones and is used to exchange short alphanumeric messages between digital lines or mobile devices.

Aldeamo - EMAIL Corporate Solutions

Email Marketing

Massive emails for companies that want to contact their target audience.

Aldeamo - Corporate Solutions Push Notifications

Notifications Push

permite personalizar, segmentar y automatizar tus comunicaciones a  través de tu web y/o tus aplicaciones móviles.

Aldeamo - SMS Corporate Solutions

Check Email

Check if the email accounts are valid before sending, in order to increase the delivery and opening rate.

Aldeamo - VOZ Corporate Solutions


The Aldeamo Voice message sending platform allows phone calls to be made to a set of contacts (mobile or landline numbers) at a specific dialing time.

Aldeamo - VOZ Corporate Solutions


It is a technology that cellular operators have been working for more than 10 years and that seeks to give text messages the option to send rich content such as videos, images, personalized links, auto-response options.

Aldeamo - VOZ Corporate Solutions


It is an interaction that is carried out automatically through different platforms with artificial intelligence allowing communication with the client to be more open and fluid.

Aldeamo - VOZ Corporate Solutions


This product allows you to create customized documents from some variables in a database and a previously designed template.

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