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Quality Management System Policy

Our commitment is to provide satisfaction to our customers through excellent quality digital communications products and services, adequate delivery times, cost reduction, competent and committed human talent, effective suppliers and complementary after sales services.

We will constantly work to gain the trust of our customers, identifying the applicable requirements and implementing the actions of continuous improvement to our Quality Management System, as well as managing the resources necessary to implement these actions.

Objectives of the Quality Management System

  1. Increase customer satisfaction through excellent quality products and services.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through continuous improvement
  3. Improve the competence of Human Talent.
  4. Increase efficiency in the use of human and technological resources.
  5. Manage a high quality after-sales service to customers to provide greater confidence, improve the reputation and recognition of Aldeamo in the market.
  6. Have a team of highly qualified suppliers.
  7. Maintain an efficient infrastructure.
  8. Reduce time in the provision of services in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction with the products and services offered.