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Reach 100% of mobile terminals through text messages!
Short message service Sending campaigns by text message or SMS (by the abbreviations of the English Short Message Service).

You can send text messages in a simple and fast way, from a minimum sending to 1 contact to a massive sending of messages to multiple contacts.

This tool guarantees that your customers will receive exactly the information you want
transmit through templates created by you, which you can use as many times as you wish.
You can also create multiple groups of contacts and thus make a more agile and

Benefits of the service
• Fast shipments.

• Massive shipments.

• Scheduled shipments.

• SMS Clicks.

• Recurring shipments. *

• Progressive Shipments. *

• Management of Groups and Contacts.

• Blacklist management.

• Administration of Users and Stock Exchanges.

• Real-time reports of sent messages.

• Real-time reports of received messages.

• Backoffice.

Use cases

• Sending Alerts and Notifications.
• Sending promotions.
• Collection of data and information through two channels.
• Invitations to visit Web sites to capture data and know
advertising pieces.
• Send OTPs.
• Educational campaigns.

Everything your mind can imagine regardless of the industry!

Integration for:

• Sending and receiving messages.
• Consultation of Reports.
• Check the status of your message packages.

SMS Clicks

Send short links and count how many people click on the links in the messages. An online store, for example, uses text messages to increase the traffic of your web page

We have presence in the following countries:

Colombia | Costarica | Ecuador | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | Peru | Dominican Republic | Bolivia


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