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To start the conversation, we send a link via SMS or E-mail to the client that will take you to the WhatsApp chat. Web administration platform, a single line multiple agents

It is a service that allows interaction between companies and people through a conversation manager application that uses the WhatsApp Application.

WhatsApp blocks any number that attempts to make a bulk shipment.

Making bulk shipments is only enabled for WhatsApp Business lines, with Aldeamo you can access your verified line.

Our solution

Aldeamo generated a new flow starting with an SMS that generates a first message from the user,

mitigating the risk of line blocking.


* Guarantee of sending and receiving messages.

* The possibility of having statistics of your conversations.

* Sending and receiving messages.

* 24/7 help desk

* Advice on writing effective and assertive messages.

* Constant monitoring in the strategy and design of your campaigns.

* Integral service: administration of the platform and shipments to the bases indicated by the client.

* Protection of the client database so that it is not shared.


Seguimiento de conversaciones con usuarios en tiempo real.
Fácil lectura por medio de comunicaciones modernas.
Interacción con varios agentes simultáneos asociados a una misma línea.

El producto WhatsApp tiene varios componentes independientes:
Comunicación directa e ilimitada de empresas con sus audiencias.
Servicios complementarios como:
Inicio del flujo de conversación
por medio de SMS y de un mensaje preestablecido para envío por parte del usuario.
Plataforma con agentes asociados a una misma línea de WhatsApp

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1 líne y 1 agent, 1 líne y 3 agents, 2 línes y 4 agents, 3 lines y 5 agents

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