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Corporate Responsability

Aldeamo Works as a company that generates solutions.

Our purpose is to connect people and companies through technology to make their lifes easier.

We are a company based on values ​​and team unity. In our daily operation we assume our responsibility to create a better world by contributing to different foundations.

How do we do it?

+342 hours donated to foundations

We support 17 foundations in 8 countries

+US$ 10.000 of economic support

+ 40.000 donated messages

Social Announcemnent

In our second social gathering, looking for NGOs and foundations, that could use our E-mail and text messaging services to improve the development of their purpose in the community.

At the beginning of May we spread the information, then we selected 5 entities and started training to ensure that they use our platform correctly.

On average, more than 30.000 emails and 10.000 text messages were sent to boost their social work.


Aldeamo and its cooperators made donations for more than US $ 10.000 to different causes of our interest. This without taking into account the value of the donations that each person makes on their own to different foundations.

The main beneficiaries of our donations were, home of Santa Cruz children in Bolivia and the Working for Love F oundation in Colombia, whom Aldeamo has been supporting for several years.

Giving time to the causes that matter to us

For us comfort and transparency are important in everything we do, that is why every person in Aldeamo is free to select the entity that they want to donate a business day to.

Now a summary of the entities we visited:

In Aldeamo we believe that we are lucky people for the work we do every day using technology to help different communities, that is why we have been pioneers for more than 24 years and we also take our time to contribute to society.

In summary, this document gathers all the impact we have achieved during 2019. We hope to increase the quantity and quality of our social activities in 2020.